Balt/MD painting


Here's the painting so far. I still have a bunch of flats to lay in, but that can get boring so I already started rendering some of the characters.

And for those interested, here's my color palette.

Hooray for lightbox


Last night I started watching some online tutorials for light box and this afternoon I actually got it working. Wasn't too difficult, just needed to incoporate the downloaded files into the head section of my html file.

I did come across one problem though that in retrospect was ridiculously easy to solve but without the foresight took me 4-5 hours to solve. Light box uses a free javascript that many corporations use, called "jquery." When I downloaded lightbox, I put my consumerist faith in lightbox and assumed all of its files were up to date. Well, its jquery wasn't, resulting in my image's border (I used the sketch above as a test subject) to sometimes become cutoff on the right and bottom sides when using the google chrome browser (It always worked in safari except sometimes when I reset the page). To solve this, I simply went to jquery's site, dowloaded the current jquerry (the versions were literally off by 0.00.1), and replaced the old javascript file link with the new one. Anyway, long story short, the image above and all future images that I post in the future should work just fine when you click on them.

Welcome to


With the first post of the new website, I'd like to welcome you to my new online portfolio. If you were familiar with my older wordpress and blogger sites, I hope you'll further enjoy this new design that is cleaner and in my opinion more elegant than its predecessors. While the main work index is limited to my editorial and portraiture pieces, expect this page to contain any number of thoughts and works that span concept art, to perspective practices, to anatomical studies, to figure drawings of swim suit models, to doodles of puppies, etc. Anyway, I hope you enjoy your time at "" and will continue to check this site to see the new pieces and thoughts that I post in the future.

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