Data, Whistleblowers, and Adventure Time


I've been into Star Trek Next Generation lately and wanted to try doing a portrait of Data. The second version with text was just my way of further personalizing the piece before I made it my profile pic on facebook.

Had an op-ed on my desktop for a while about the war on whistleblowers and a couple weeks ago I made this piece.

Here's the finished piece of the Adventure Time fan art I was working on. Was a lot of fun to do, though it did take a while since I wanted it to look precisely like the show. To do that I went through netflix/My season 3 Dvd and scanned through every episode that featured the tree house and the lighting that I wanted. I would then take pictures of my tv screen and used all the visual reference material to draw a scene that was in accordance with the show. I even made the layout of the family room almost exactly the same, though I moved the Purple couch and put it in the middle of the room, facing the opposite direction for the sake of the piece.

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