Veigar Progress


Balancing some things rights now so he hasn't been a priority but Veigar's slowly chugging along. Up next is to further render the lighting contrasts and to add orange and purple/blue tints to the appropriate areas from light reflection.

Today's Doodles


Always fun to draw Samus and Spike.

Veigar b/w, Surveillance Op-ed


Last year I spent a lot of my free time playing the game league of legends and decided it was about time that tried a stab at creating some lol-inpspired fan art. The decision of who to draw was pretty easy as Veigar is definitely my favorite character from the game. Here's the b/w version of him, next I need to ink out a vignet of a background and then go on to digitally coloring it.

Was looking through my folder of old editorials and found a great Vice Magazine op-ed on state surveillance in the U.S. I had another idea that I sketched out that was probably more effecient in regards to the message of the op-ed but I had been looking at certain recent editorial pieces and wanted to do a piece where I could put a figure close up to the foreground. I might attempt that concept and post it in the near future.

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