Today's Doodles


Having some fun drawing lulu splash art and doing gestural thumbs of her.

Recent Football pieces


As a Ravens fan, I couldn't help but do a piece on "deflate-gate." Here's the ESPN op-ed that I used as a reference.

This is a fun little piece I did to express my feelings towards Gary Kubiak and John Elway after the former left the Ravens to work for the latter in Denver.

I was in the mood to do a sports figure portrait and read this great Grantland piece on Rex Ryan. I also wanted to expand my style and looked through my folder of different-artists-whose-work-I-like to get inspiration. Going with a style that is like mine flat in color, though much more complex and demarcated to give a great sense of rendering/lighting, I created this piece in the manner of an editorial artist named Aaron Dana(His Bud Selig portrait in particular).

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