Internal Clock Disorder


Tonight, I'd like to show you guys my process when doing an editorial illustration. Btw, this piece is based off an Atlantic article.

First, I start off doing several quick thumbnail sketches. Normally, I'd like to do a few more than this but it had been a while since my last editorial piece and I wanted ot start one already.

Secondly, I then create 3 sketches based on my most promising thumbnails. As you can guess I went with the top sketch, I felt it got the point across the best and I felt like doing a piece more complex than the pieces I normally do.

After deciding which sketch I want to go with, I'll then browse google images to find reference material for the props within my sketches and I'll also take reference pictures of myself posing if necessary. Once I finish sketching the piece, I'll ink it, scan into photoshop, and color it in and add textures to it digitally. Sometimes, I look at other artists for inspiration while I work, in this case, I looked at the works of Gary Musgrave.

Veigar Mostly Finished


Mostly finished Veigar. I might want to experiment with the ground more as it may be too light and taking away the contrasts set up by the darks on Veigar's body. I could possibly punch up the shadows on his body as well. Pretty satisfied with the piece overall though, and got a couple good brushes out of it as well.

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