Artwork Backlog


Haha, so it's been exactly a month since my last post, sorry about that folks. In this post You can see the recent things I've done. The piece above is based on an article from The Nation about slave labor in the fishing industry in South East Asia. I took quite a lot of reference photos of myself making the poses of the fishermen and I might put some of the photos up in the next few days as a fun little behind the scenes look at my process.

So here I wanted an excuse to keep up my portraiture skills while drawing Don draper as well. I also wanted to further practice my digital coloring skills. While I normally like to use gradients to give my digital pieces a painterly/rendered look, I've been attempting to to work in a more flat and delineated manner. One artist whose work I looked at for inspiration was Chris Murray, who uses flat colors and gradients extremely well (Check out his Inherent Vice piece in The New Yorker).

The third and last piece of this post is a personal piece I wanted to do since I was getting tired of doing editorial pieces and felt the need to make my illustrating feel fresh again. I won't explain the illustration as it's quite personal to me but I will say that the concept of it is based off a song.

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