Born in 1989, Jon Weiner is an illustrator from the quiet Jewish suburbs of Baltimore County. In between watching cartoons and playing video games, Jon had a habit of drawing and up until high school, hadn't really thought about a career. Then after being drawn to UMD with his fraternal twin brother for the university's stellar basketball team and midlevel of prestige, Jon decided that doing art in some kind of capacity could be fun and not make him a cardboard cutout of a mild mannered Jewish son (i.e. a doctor, lawyer, or accountant). So Jon studied at UMD as a studio art major for a couple years while enjoying UMDs aforementioned basketball games and campus life. But Jon quickly realized that his life needed more manic depression, the kind that doesn't even have enough time for the healing powers of alcoholism so he decided to transfer to Maryland Institute College of Arts to complete his undergraduate studies as an illustrator. Today, Jon lives with his long lost love and 2 pet bulldogs in a beach house in Montauk.